Miles of Healing


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Our Mission is to bring awareness of alternative practices in today's society, that lead us to a greater sense of wellbeing without the harmful side effects.

Miles of Healing specializes in health and wellness offering natural remedies to decrease the speed of the aging process. Just because we get older does not mean we naturally have to stop doing the things we enjoy. We are not naturally designed to lose energy, stop running and jumping, start sleeping longer, lose interest in sex, have hormonal imbalances, gain weight, etc. However, in our society we have come to accept that as a normal part of aging. The aging body does change, but we can defiantly adjust how the body changes and it can be done in a very healthy non invasive way. We have come to accept in our society that we take a pill to mask a problem.

A better term for problem is a symptom. A symptom is our bodies way of telling us that something is not working properly and needs attention. Instead of listening to our bodies and fixing what is causing the problem or symptom we take a pill or have a surgery to make the symptom "go away." If you are getting frequent head aches for example you may be put on blood pressure pills because of high blood pressure causing a head ache. That does get rid of your head ache, but why is your blood pressure high? Why not fix the reason your blood pressure is high?

Have you ever looked to see the side effects of medications? The lists are very long with multiple side effects that can even cause other problems to arise. The symptoms you cover up with the medication can end up doing greater damage then helping us, as they were intended to do.

We at Miles of Healing would just like to give other options for health. Look at multiple routes for health. Look at the food we are eating... can we even call it food anymore? Processed, sugary, hydrogenated oils, pesticides on our "healthy" fruits and vegetables, antibiotics and growth hormones in our dairy and meat. Our bodies were not intended to handle such a great burden of toxins. The toxins are all around us, in our medications to cover the symptoms and in the food we eat. Our practices here at Miles of Healing help to detox and realign the body systems in a safe and natural way.