Miles of Healing


Do you have problems with fatigue, restless sleep, joint pain that limits your activity? We offer practices to easily incorporate in to your daily life for increased vitality, relaxation, greater sense of peace and well being. We empower you to be your own wellness professional with completely natural techniques. Transform yourself today from pain and disease to health and vitality. Start living everyday Pain Free, with restful sleep and stamina that lasts the entire day. We offer Natural Remedies for healing to empower YOU to take control of your own health and wellness.

We offer natural healing solutions for everyone ages 5-100 including men, women, and children. We specialize in the areas of pain relief for Lacrosse PlayersRunners and Cyclists and utilize a bio-resonance body scan for natural health to correct hormonal imbalances, food allergies, and digestive problems.

We utilize Postural Alignment certified by Egoscue University® as a pain treatment for back problems, people in need of a joint replacement, old or current sports injury impacting any area of the body. We must focus on the way our body feels and ask one question, how is my posture effecting my body, joints and muscles? If you cannot fully answer that question, come in and I will help navigate a path for a pain free life. With your commitment you can be pain free for life. If your body is in alignment you decrease the risk of injury, decrease pain and stiffness, increase strength and remove limiting factors on your body. Take 8-10 sessions and be in control of your health & wellness for the rest of your life. The other modality we offer at Miles of Healing is a fully body bio-resonance scan that give you a snap shot of your body and where you lie on the wellness continuum. The bioresonance scan will show entire system and organ functions and can detect bacteria, parasites, fungus, and virus in all tissues and organs that may contribute to the stresses of the body even if blood tests show nothing. We then offer bioresonanace therapy to make corrections to the body. The therapy can be used for allergy symptoms, chronic fatigue syndrome, digestive issues and to detoxify the body, and even quit smoking. Call now to enhance fully body health & wellness.